The SHANKLAND One-Name Group

The Shankland One-Name Group first came into being many years ago, when two things happened at about the same time: one was that family history research on our own family line stalled, and the other was that an American Shankland sent a letter out to all the Shanklands he could find in the U.K directory, asking for information about his own family line. The result of this was that several of us who had previously been doing our own research started to correspond with each other to share our results. A database was set up to allow us to store and manage our growing store of Shankland information, and the One-Name Study continued on from there.

Unlike a formal society, we have no official constitution, no officers, no membership fees, etc. Some people write to us with queries, get a response, and then go their own way. Other people become frequent correspondents and friends. Each of us is free to contribute according to our available time, energy, money, and skills.