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28th October 2017:

Following on from the previous news item, of 14th October 2017, I was pleased to see the newspaper reports of the commemoration of Robert Shankland VC on 26th October (even if none mentioned the Shankland Group!).

Both of these accounts make very worthwhile reading, showing us how this brave man appeared to his family.

14th October 2017:

The Shanklands have been very much in the news recently. As part of a programme of commemoration within their local communities of all the recipients of the Victoria Cross during the course of the First World War, a memorial stone is to be unveiled later this month in Ayr, Scotland, in honour of Robert Shankland, a native of the town, who won his V.C. in the notorious Battle of Passchendaele.

South Ayrshire Provost Helen Moonie was keen to find relatives of Robert Shankland to be invited as guests of honour at the ceremony, and the search was reported in a number of media:

From the dates on these news items it would appear that the search for relatives was started around 6th October, less than three weeks before the planned ceremony - not much time to contact family members who might live abroad or for them to arrange a flight to Scotland! But - not to blow our own trumpet too much - the Shankland One-Name Group was able to contact Robert Shankland's grand-daughter in Canada, and we are delighted to say that she and her husband now plan to attend the ceremony in Ayr.