Books written by Peter Shankland

Malta Convoy (pub. Collins, 1961)
(credited to Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter)
Account of the relief convoy sent to Malta in 1942.

Dardanelles Patrol (pub. Collins, 1964)
(credited to Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter)
Story of the submarine E11 operation against Turkey in World War One.

The Phantom Flotilla (pub. Collins, 1968)
World War One naval expedition in Africa in which two armed motor boats were dragged through the African Bush to sink a German gun boat on Lake Tanganyika.

Byron of the Wager (pub. Collins, 1975)
HMS Wager in which Lord Byron's grandfather served in 1755, wrecked near the Cape Horn.

Beware of Heroes (pub. Kimber, 1975)
Biography of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, the first military commander to defeat Napoleon.

The Royal Baccarat Scandal (pub. Kimber, 1977)
(credited to the Rt.Hon Michael Havers, Edward Grayson, and Peter Shankland)
Celebrated libel trial involving accusation of cheating at cards at a house party in which Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, was present.

Murder with a Double Tongue (pub. Kimber, 1978)
(credited to Peter Shankland and the Rt.Hon Michael Havers)
Murder trial from early 19th century France. A prominent citizen is murdered, a woman claims to have been present, her evidence is corroborated by others, yet a surprising twist occurs.

Tragedy in Three Voices (pub. Kimber, 1980)
(credited to the Rt.Hon Michael Havers, Peter Shankland and Anthony Barrett)
1935 murder trial where a woman and her 18-year-old lover are charged with her husband's murder; but the verdict leads to further tragedy.

Death of an Editor (pub. Kimber, 1981)
(credited to Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter)
On the eve of the outbreak of the First World War, the wife of a leading politician shoots a newspaper editor who is about to publish her love-letters.


Gemma (Unpublished)
Incredible legal case set in 18th century Ireland.

Events and Shadows(Unpublished)
Privately circulated autobiography.

Icarus (Unpublished)
The core of this work is a synopsis for a possible book or film which Peter Shankland wrote in 1961. This work concerns the life of exiled Italian poet Lauro De Bosis who vanished after flying over the city of Rome in October 1931, distributing anti-fascist literature from the air.
Michael Shankland provides an introduction and footnotes.