Shankland Court, Rehoboth, De, USA

John N Shankland, USA

Shankland Court

Shankland Court is a small cul-de-sac in a modern high end housing development (see map below, showing Shankland Ct on the edge of the Kings Creek Country Club).

Shankland Court street

This is very near the holdings of William Shankland (c.1633 - 1730) in Lewes and Angola Neck, De (see map below).

Shankland Court area

Usually the developers determine the names of the streets. There is nothing in the immediate vicinity with the Shankland name on it, so this developer might have been a descendant of this line, or may have known of the historical association of this area with the Shankland name.

Another possibility to consider is that Shanklands could have owned this property at one time and the developer discovered the name in the title research.

Can anyone solve this mystery?

John N Shankland, May 2006