Shankland distribution worldwide

The map shown below is based on the current contents of our Shankland database, specifically on the "events" held for people - normally relating to a birth, death or marriage. The database currently holds over 15000 of these events, some of which however don't have places associated with them. For the events that are associated with a specific place, the map below shows the distribution frequencies.

It should be borne in mind that such a map is only as good as the data behind it, and that the data in the Shankland database is by no means complete. In particular the distribution may be skewed by such things as the availability of data for particular areas: for instance, indexes to the Statutory registration of births in England and Wales are freely available from 1837 to 2004, whereas comparable indexes for Scotland are available only from 1855 to 1905, and ones for Ireland hardly accessible at all.

The table of data events for each area is as follows:

Scotland 6334
U.S.A. 3374
England 2295
Wales 1954
Canada 306
Ireland 261
Australia 236
New Zealand 43
Europe (mainland) 37
South America (Guyana, Chile) 19
Africa (South Africa, Egypt) 25
Asia (Ceylon, Korea) 16

World distribution map

Anne Shankland, April 2006