Shankland distribution maps - UK

To better understand the distribution of Shanklands over the British Isles, I have produced a county map for each decade since the beginning of Statutory Registration of births, deaths and marriages. These maps show the population of Shankland "events", i.e. a birth, death or marriage.

The data is not complete - I have no registration data for Ireland at all, and the registration data for Scotland runs only from 1855 to 1905, although I have supplemented this for the earlier years with the Scottish Parish Register data for 1837 to 1854 to align it with the English data. Also, the number of events in each county is often so small that it represents probably only a single family moving from one county to another!

Even with these limitations, I believe that the maps show the moves from the more rural areas of Scotland and Wales to the more urban industrial areas of Lanarkshire, Glamorgan, and Lancashire, and then a spread out across the whole of England towards the Home Counties in the south-east.

Click here to open the maps in a separate (auto-updating) window.

Anne Shankland, April 2006