The Shankland One-Name Group (S.O.N.G.) is an informal but international group of individuals who share a common interest in researching the Shankland surname, and who correspond to share information we have discovered. Most of us have an interest in tracing our own Shankland ancestry. Some of us also have an interest in tracing Shankland family lines with no direct relationship to our own - although obviously we would be delighted to discover common ancestors.

Ian and Anne Shankland Guild of One-Name Studies We are registered as a One-Name Study with the Guild of One-Name Studies - registration number 1554.

Our aim is to build up an extensive collection of information on all things Shankland, and to act as an information exchange with anyone else who has an interest. So if you have Shanklands or Shanklins in your ancestry, then we may be able to help you trace your line further back - so get in touch and tell us about yourself, we would love to hear from you.

In an attempt to discover possible but undocumented links between Shankland families, we are running a Shankland DNA Project. You may also be eligible for a free Y-chromosome DNA test if you meet certain criteria - see The Shankland DNA Project.

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